Sunday, August 30, 2009

Destructive Dog = Unhappy Dog Owner

Let's takle a little inventory of all that Ilio has destroyed in the last few weeks.

4 pair of shoes
2 pair of flip flops
2 shirts
1 pair sleep pants
1 wooden slingshot
1 pair of glasses
1 softball
1 teddy bear
3 pair of underwear

I've had it! I'm instituting new dog rules here. He's being demoted in the house heirarchy (as suggested in a training book) and will no longer sleep in my room. He will be confined to the dog room when he is not within my sight. I will buy a muzzle and start walking him more around the neighborhood. I'm not going to let me life be ruled by the dog. I am the master of this domain, dammit!!!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

HAHAHA! Don't mean to laugh but we are going through the same thing with Sophie. She ate Daelyn's glasses last week. We only had them for one week prior! Not cool. Just not.