Saturday, February 7, 2009

Damn TLC

You know, there are so few kid safe tv stations, we watch a lot of the Discovery Channel and TLC.
Let me go back and explain something first. On the Fairly Oddparents, it's the husband who has the baby. Upon seeing this, Isaiah informed me that when he is a grown up, HE was going to grow a baby in his belly. And so I spent a long time explaining to him that it was just a cartoon, and not for real.
Yesterday TLC showed a commercial for their show which will follow the "pregnant man" while and his/her trials and tribulations. Good job, TLC! He's freakin FIVE years old - and I am not about to start explaining what transgendered means! So that confused the hell outta the little man. We told him that's really a woman with a beard. He asked, "A fake beard?" so I said, yeah, sure. A fake beard. The point is that she is a woman because boys can't grow babies.
Now what's left for us to watch that doesn't have pregnant trannies, Viagra commercials every 5 minutes, or swearing?! That leaves us with, umm, PBS.


Dawn said...

Hheeeeeeee. Ha. Wow. I'm kinda at a loss for words.

Chris said...

There isn't much safe on television anymore sadly enough.

Cassie said...

I agree that calling her a pregnant man is just dumb I mean if you have a vajayjay and a uterus you are a woman. I have several ladies in my family that shave off that much or more facial hair and you aren't gonna get away with calling them a man. But I totally see your point it's just ridiculous that there are no "safe" channels anymore. Try explaining why the guy in the ED commercial is smiling all the time now to an 11 year old girl. Sheesh

Charmed said...

Noggin is a good channel.