Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment

Hubs made breakfast for me this morning, and then let me sleep some more. AFTER he'd worked all night. Sorry, ladies - he's mine. Then I went to the mall. Almost got a life sized stand up thingie of Rob Pattinson, but figured Hubs wouldn't like it standing next to the bed. Looked at jewelry, got a Vday present for Hubs, looked at clothes. Damn, this not working stuff is AWESOME!!!

Well, it's awesome in small doses. Then I remember I need a dang job, and I'd like to start one before August. Takes all the fun out of it.


Chris said...

A life sized thingy of Robby Baby! I think I want one. I need to go to the damn mall!

Dawn said...

You're definitely coming out of the no working thing on the better side than most.