Sunday, January 25, 2009

Days and Nyquil

I'm sick. Like, really, really sick.
Prior to getting sick, Hubs and I started tiling the shower. Now I've got mad tile skills. (Sounds like mad cow disease though, doesn't it?) But now I can't do anything except lie around feeling sick. My head hurts so I can't even read. I watched tv one night and found out that back in 2005, Freddie Prinze Jr had a show set on Chicago called (aptly) Freddie. So I started recording it and I've seen 5 or 6episodes. It's a cheesy show, but I love it. I'm sorry it came and went before I ever knew about it.

I'm going back to feeling sick now. Be back when the plague has gone.


Dawn said...

Oh no! Get better soon.

Veronica Garcia said...

get well soon!!!! let me know when you have a second to talk... i've got news... uugghh!