Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom

That's right. I refuse to classify myself as unemployed any longer. I'm simply a stay at home mom for the time being. I decided that today when I was filling out a form for my optometrist appointment tomorrow, where it asks my profession. S.A.H.M. Beeyotch!
As I was saying.... I've been home for 2 full weeks now, and I feel every bit as busy as I was when I was working. How can that BE? Well, it just goes to show that when you do too many things at once, you can't possibly do them well. Here's to hoping I'm doing this stuff well - finally.
Today I finished typing up the meeting minutes from my last SAB meeting, found out I got the wrong ink for my snazzy new printer so I had to go BACK to Circuit City and listen to Hubs complain that he neeeeeeds a new tv. Got some more of the SAB contest stuff done. Picked up the pokies from school. (They're all elbows and knees, hence "pokey") Started a budget and plan for decorations for the upcoming school fundraiser - which I present tomorrow. RSVP'd to the kindergarten pizza party on Wed, for kids who are finally aging out of pre-k. And cleaned up mountains of dog puke. Seriously, the dog has vomited no less than his own body weight in the last hour. Am I supposed to drop alka-seltzer in his water dish? And could he at least stop puking on the stairs?! That's just disgusting to clean up. It rolls downstairs, just like a slinky, only more... fluid... and chunky.... just ew.
Professional moms, unite!


Dawn said...

Congrats to you for not wallowing in self pity!

I work now but was a SAHM when preggers with the man in CO.

Both are equally hard for different reasons.

Like the pokey name.

HH is also wailing about NEEDING a tv.

And thanks for the love on my blog earlier...Means SO much to have support!

Chris said...

You go get em killer! Stay busy be, be loud and proud to be a SAHM.

Midwest Mommy said...

I love your new attitude! Welcome to the SAHM club!