Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why I'm Happy, Even When I'm Not

I was tagged by The Rambler at to write about 6 things that make me really happy. I'm so incredibly pissed off at Ilio right now AND premenstrual to top it off, this is a good exercise for me today.

1) Reading a really good book. The kind that makes you stop strangers that you see reading the same book and ask them what they think.
2) Having a great conversation with my kids. When they ask questions and really want answers. It shows me they're actually paying attention to what the other is saying.
3) All the little things that my husband does for me. He's a much more thoughtful person than I am, and I wonder sometimes if he resents that.
4) Ordering a new entree at a new restaurant and finding out it's great.
5) Damn, this is hard today. Alright, finding the perfect lipstick. Color, finish, texture, etc. It's harder than one would imagine.
6) My friends. I've got the most amazing group of friends, and I'm lucky to always have a willing ear to bend.

I'd tag 6 of those great friends, but I'm afraid they may stop speaking to me if I do, so I'll just leave this open for all :) I'd like to know what makes each of YOU really happy.


the Rambler said...

ROFL!! I'm glad I could help you get your 'exdercise' today!

So, go curl up with a great book, talk with the boys when they come home, 'tell' hubby "thank you"(& I'm sure he does NOT resent you cause you ROCK!)while ya'll are eating at a new restaurant & wearing that perfect lipstick, knowing your friends are here IF you need us! ;)

And YES I do have an odd husband!LOL a good way, in a good way!!

Veronica Garcia said...

I have yet to find THEE perfect lipstick. I'm accepting the fact that it doesn't exist.

Dawn said...

Oh. That's good. Will post something similar on my blog.

Dawn said...

Oh. That's good. Will post something similar on my blog.