Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gender Reassignment Pt 3 and The Plague

Belly woke up sick today. Cough, congestion, slight fever - the whole package. As such, Momma had to take the day off work. I hate calling in like that, it feels so irresponsible. Usually I plan my days off at least a month in advance since I have to work around the school calendar. So here I am with little Sickie, who is curled up on the couch watching PBS.

Yesterday an accountant for one of my customers had the nerve to hang up on me. But wait, there's more. He actually said, "Good day sir" and THEN hung up. So I told a friend who then reminded me that it's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lemmetellya, it was much funnier when Gene Wilder said it.

Belly was looking through Golden Boy's religion book and stopped on a picture of Jesus. (Yes, I see the irony of the ranting atheist sending her kids to Catholic school.... but if I sent them to public school I'd have to START praying) So he asks, "Who is that?" and I say simply that it's Jesus. He nodded and then said, "She's a pretty lady,"
When I tried to correct him, he looked at me like he pitied me and pointed out the long flowing hair and the dress. Somehow he missed the BEARD. I've got to make sure he understands that part.

Belly was in the kitchen talking a mile a minute and asking generally un-answerable questions when he pointed up at a picture and asked, "What about him?" It was a postcard of Frida Kahlo, my favorite artist. I tried to explain that SHE is a WOMAN, but he pointed out the moustache. So he gets THAT part, but missed the whole beard on the Jewish guy.

Now I'm off to make breakfast for my poor little guy, then curl up with him and read a story. Now that my kids are no longer babies, it's rare for them to snuggle up to me and fall asleep. There's nothing more magical than holding your child in that moment when they give in to sleep. They trust you to watch over them, and to keep their world safe while they snooze. So, Super Momma signs off.... I've got a sick little guy to watch over.


Midwest Mommy said...

oh good luck! I hope he feels better soon.

Julie Vaicius said...

c'mon, you know you have thought the same thing about both of them! too funny!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Oh there's just nothing better than a little one snuggling up on you. Carlos is our little snuggler and comes out to lay on me every night. I love that! Hope your little one feels better soon.

Veronica Garcia said...

I had to call off work Friday for the same thing... and I didn't feel so bad considering I've got tons of days now that the new year has kicked in. YAY! My son is more important damnit!

Charmed said...

They get so big so fast...makes me want another little one.

jesusherman said...

HAHA!!!!! that shit is funny! never thought of jesus the way a kid might.. though my best friend and i tried to convince my VERY religious parents that to have long hair was to be christ-like.. and that jesus had piercings too! in his hands and feet.. yeah, that went over well with my southern baptist dad and mom!!

and you with your 'magical' kid moments... STOP MAKING ME WANT A KID... but one day, my wife will thank you!

Mo Mommy said...

As soon as I stop laughing I'm sure I'll write something worthwhile....!
There is a picture of Christ I saw hanging in the hall at church. I'm sure the artist was trying very hard to capture the loving spirit of the Savior, but all it makes me think of is Derek Zoolander!!! I have to avoid looking at it so I won't laugh. Yep, going to hell for sure!