Monday, November 12, 2007

Things You Never Knew

Speaking of positive reinforcements and stripper poles.... A Christmas gift catalogue came in the mail on Friday after I got home. On page 3 they advertise This handy contraption.

How many head shots does it take, to get to the center of Belly's brain?

This weekend Belly took quite a few hits to the noggin. Friday he was jumping on the bottom bunk (a favorite past time) and jumped too hard, hitting the top bunk so hard one of the wooden supports was displaced. Ouch.
Saturday he jumped off the couch wearing a Batman cape and landed on a knit cap. Knit cap + wood floors = head injury. I think he was feeling a bit concussed, so I didn't let him sleep after that.
This morning I was carrying him upstairs so he could brush his teeth, when he leaned out and struck his forehead on the wall. At this point I'm sure the school is calling DCFS the minute he walks in with enough lumps on his head to start a phrenology convention.


carrie said...

Don't even worry about it. If you knew how many injuries my little Jackelope has endured you wouldn't fret at all about your head injuries of late.

Veronica Garcia said...

Oh I'm sure he'll be fine, I mean, look at my son at how many times he's jumped off the bed onto my dresser and head first on the floor after that. Tacklin the wall and screaming "I'm a Pumpkin!" is normal, right?