Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Life

Daimean - General complaint meant to make you feel bad for him.
Isaiah - "I feel bad for poor momma, cause she has to raise us kids. Mom, did you want to have kids?"
Me - "yes, I did."
Isaiah - "well not me!"
Daimean - "why?"
Isaiah - "because I don't want to fork over my money to ungrateful kids."
Daimean - "you're saying you're ungrateful?"
Isaiah - "no, not me. I'm grateful for everything."
Daimean - "really? Cause last week you said you hate your life, remember?"
Isaiah - "oh. Yea. Sorry about that. I was going through a rough time."
Daimean - "rough time!? You're 8....."

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