Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cats and iPhones, A Short Play

The setting: 4am, my bedroom
Cast of characters: Ozzie, my iPhone, Cordless House Phone (CHP), CHP's base

Ozzie enters room, glances to the left. He sees some phones that urgently need his attention.

Cordless Home Phone: Clunk
Me: Whaa? Ozzie, go away.
CHP's base: Thunk
Me: Ozzie go! (as Ozzie is repeatedly pushed off of side table where phone once resided)
iPhone: *ding ding* (as Ozzie stands on it and activates the voice control)
Me: Dammit Ozzie!
iPhone: Playing Stone Temple Pilots

Which leads to me wrestling the phone away from Ozzie as Scott Weiland sings Lounge Fly at 4am.

Ozzie triumphantly walks away, into the night.

*end scene*

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