Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Which I Become The Parent of a High Schooler

One day, you're sick with exhaustion, bleary eyed and stumbling into work with some unidenified bodily fluid on your half tucked in shirt, the victim of a tiny dictator person who depends on your for, well, everything. You've spent the night feeding, cleaning, rocking and possibly negotiating with this baby in the slim hopes that he'll let you sleep more than ten minutes a stretch before you are expected to arrive and act like a fully functioning human at the office that day. You'd be secretly pleased with yourself for keeping it togther, if you ever had a moment's time to actually reflect on the whole thing.

The next, your now independent child walks into high school.

Just like that.

Wow. It's like a time warp. Know what else you missed during that time? You've lost all sense of fashion, popular music, and let's face it, your hair style is probably outdated, too. I can't help but think that this isn't just a new time for him, but a new time for me as well. Instead of propping him up as a child it's time to point him in the right direction as a young man.

And I guess updating my hair wouldn't hurt.

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