Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diet Day 10

Still going strong! Yesterday I made mashed cauliflower and well, it was terrible. But that's ok. I'll stick to steamed then. One challenge I know we're going to have is social gatherings. We tend to have snacks and drinks, and plenty of them. I don't want to get sidetracked, but I also don't want to sit them out. Plan? Low carb buffalo chicken dip, with veggies for us and chips for everyone else. Not sure yet about drinks. I picked up the skinnygirl cosmo, but haven't tried it, and don't feel particularly compelled to. Just not worth the delay in weight loss at this point. We'll see. Maybe I can get that low carb/low cal beer for hubs. He'll probably hate it, cause I'm pretty sure it's just beer flavored water, but at least it's something! Since I've only weighed myself once, and can only guess at what I weighed the week before, I'm going on the fit of my clothes to determine whether this is working. The gradual loosening of my jeans says "yes!" I know me and my tendency to obsess (no, really, I do) so I'm only going to allow myself to get on the scale once each week. And I *really* hope to see that number going down.

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