Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diet - Day 2

Woke up with a blazing ocular interruption - what some people might call hallucinations, but having spent a really, really lot of time with retinal specialists, I know that it's just the result of something overstimulating my optic nerve. It floats over my vision, sometimes it blinks, shimmers or looks wavy. If I stand or sit still for a few minutes, it will go away.

Of course I blamed it on the lack of sugar in my body. I'm pretty sure my body is drawing up a letter of secession from my brain for making a choice like this. Actually, I still feel pretty good though. I was really too busy yesterday to dwell on it.

One admission here - I won't have anything concrete to measure my success against, as I still refuse to step on a scale. Later, after I've lost some of this weight, THEN I'll check the scale so I can monitor my progress. No sense in depressing myself over it - and giving me a number to obsess over - right now.

And so, on to finish my finals so I can also put this hellish semester behind me.

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