Monday, August 1, 2011

Children, or, Why I Have Grey Hair

We have VoIP, because we're cool and we hate AT&T. (Hipster disclaimer, I hated AT&T back when it was SBC)

The bill is a fixed amount each month, until last month, when it was almost double. What the...? I look up the usage and find a few looong phone calls to some number in Portland. *I* don't know anyone in Portland. *Hubs* doesn't know anyone in Portland.

Oh, and the calls were made around 1am each time.

A quick look at Daimean's FB friends reveals a young woman in Portland. Whom he'd been calling at 1am to chat up. Oddly, my first response wasn't, "Why are you calling some girl in Portland at 1am?!" but rather, "Why the heck didn't you use your cell phone?! You have tons of minutes there!"

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