Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And We're Back!

Isaiah was typing up a report on sharks yesterday. When I went in to check on his progress, this is what he had written:

"sharks are more feersom in your imagination than in real life. they can way up to 5,000 pounds I read aoubt it. they can have up to 20,000 teeth. ok we'll be right back ............................ 773, 202 doo dooo doo dooo loona! OK were back............ this is sparta! kick ..................."

I'm sure his teacher will love it. For non-Chicagoans, the 773-202-LUNA is, and will always be, his favorite local commercial. For Chicagoans, I know it's running through your head right now. So I don't know if he was hoping to get a corporate sponsor for his shark report, but he's courting LUNA pretty hard!

The 7th and 8th grades are "adopting" a refugee family from Iraq, working through our local Catholic Charities. D is excited about being a part of the plan, as each kid (and therefore, family) is helping to contribute to a welcome kit to help with their transition. It includes basics like cleaning supplies, rice, flour, cooking oil, tea and the like. We're also pitching in for things like pots and pans, bedding and dishes. While the family is settling here in Chicago, our students will learn about the history of Iraq, what's happening now, and what the experience may be like for families like this one, who have left and are starting over somewhere new. This is exactly the kind of project they need to be more connected to what's going on outside their own little worlds. Once the family is settled in, the kids will get a chance to meet them. I swear, this kind of thing makes me almost teary eyed.

AZ - shooting people = bad. Hey Sarah Palin, with your shit about, "Don't retreat, reload" and other assholes showing propaganda using crosshairs - stop it. If record companies and video game developers can be held accountable for violent images, so should you.

Rahm for Mayor - Politics is like a sport in Chicago. Last week, President Clinton was here to stump for Rahm, yesterday he was stricken from the ballot by the appellate court, today it looks as if he's been restored by the IL Supreme Court. As long as no one's shooting any opponents, let's keep with the fun.

School lunches - I read a bit on CNN about a brilliant blog called Fed Up With Lunch, a teacher who ate and analyzed her school's lunches for a year. Bravo, I say. Our school periodically offers organic, feel-good food, but A) it's too damn expensive and B) I know my kids won't touch their organic rice pilaf with a 10 foot pole.

School - I've been trying (unsuccessfully, obviously) for a week to place myself at a local school for some observation, as mandated by the syllabus for my Educational Differences class. We were told by our professor to be prepared for our calls to go unanswered. Excuse me? I'm sensing I'm going to be the squeaky wheel soon.

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