Saturday, December 11, 2010

So I Said to the Cabbie, "Yo Homes, Smell Ya Later!"

Note: If you are easily offended, please go read something else.

Today I decided to pack up all my school stuff and head to my local library to get some quiet time in order to complete 4 final papers. Quiet, yes. I've got quiet. A place to plug in my lap top and free wifi, too.
But the smell! Or lord, the smell is threatening to choke me. I've already changed tables once already, too. Jesus Tapdancing Christ, this place is a haven for the unwashed.
Don't even *think* of lecturing me on the plights of the homeless. I get it. I donate clothes and food, and I sign petitions to fund food banks etc. But I'mma be honest here, I'm pissed off that I pay taxes for a broken public school system that I don't feel safe sending my children to, and a library that smells like ass. I am not here to come up with the answers for our fucked up society that allows people to fall through the cracks to the point where they have no place to shower. I'm here to complain that there is a gang of hobos here stankin' up the place.
*chirp, chirp*
That sound is the crickets that are left over when all my page advertisers run for the hills because I'm complaining about Stinky Pete over here, who smells like he hasn't bathed since Carter took office, and may possibly have rolled in a pile of dog shit as recently as the Clinton years.
One paper is done, and I'm going to attempt to write the outlines for the next two before I pass out from the stench in here.

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Veronica Garcia said...

I haven't been to a library in YEARS due to the internet. And now, I'm glad I haven't. :)