Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Imitating Life?

If the art is of a red nosed, anemic girl, then yes.
You know those days when you feel kinda like crap, but you do your hair and wear your favorite outfit and figure that will make you all better? At least, make you LOOK better?
Yeah, that was me this morning. I'm getting over a bad cold, and still feeling a little wrung out. My lips are a bit chapped, too. So I grab some tropical scented lip stuff, it's yellowish, kind of like mango colored. Then I head to the rest room and catch a look at myself.
HOLY HELL - the yellow lip balm has cast an ugly yellow pallor to my lips, so now I look like I'm suffering from a very strange ailment, or I've been huffing yellow spray paint. I actually laughed out loud when I saw myself! So rather than remove the offending color, I tried to put pink gloss over it. Ew, it turned kind of orange. So all I have left it a super deep red, which would probably make me look like a clown (or a hooker, or a hooker-clown) since I'm so pale.
Ah, I love being a girl :)

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Veronica Garcia said...

bahahahaha I just read this. Aahhh I hate when we mix shades and they just don't come out right.