Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today is Isaiah's birthday. My "baby" turned 7, and had all of his OWN friends there to help celebrate. Gone are the days when his parties were filled with the children of my friends, although, some of them were there, too.
My little Zen baby, my father's namesake.... he's so big, and still so small at the same time. Quite a paradox - but one that all parents understand :)

About my friends being there... with each year that passes, I'm more thankful for the extended family we've made.

Too tired to write anything prolific, or even funny today. Back to work on one of many midterm assignments, and that's been eating my time like a fat lady at an all you can eat nacho bar. Back to Central American history, and my explanation of how economic developments affected the political and social developments of Central America and the Caribbean...

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Veronica Garcia said...

Awe, well Happy Belated to Isaiah. Sorry we couldn't make it.

And oddly enough, I'd actually like to hear/read your explanation on how economic developments affected political and social developments of Central America and the Caribbean.