Friday, August 20, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

That's the name of the movie that was my dream last night. It was part action movie, part horror movie, part How to Train Your Dragon, and it starred

There was even a logo for this dream/movie, and it looks suspiciously like the WuTang W.... I'll chalk that up to my watching a lot of old Dave Chappelle lately. So there was an invasion by some lynx-looking dragon monsters, there was Brandon, there were cribs in trees (no, I don't understand that either), there was Brandon without a shirt, there was a cruise ship that completely submerged as part of it's amazing tour, and everyone was just supposed to KNOW to hold their breath when it went under, making me fear for the lives of all babies and small children aboard. Just as we were starting to figure out how to defeat, or at least not become dinner for, these dragon things, I woke up.
And now, some gratuitous Brandon Boyd pictures, for my viewing pleasure.

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Veronica Garcia said...

oh ANY excuse for Brandon Boyd pictures is ok with me. :) *sigh*