Saturday, August 28, 2010

Block Party?

There was a big, neon green notice on our door this morning. No, not from the gas company. It's about the "1st annual" block party to take place next week on our block. That made me laugh. How do you know it's going to be annual? What if neighbor A hits on neighbor B's wife and a fight breaks out? What if the people in the only apartment building on the block scummify things with their lack of social skills? (and believe me, they lack social skills)
Wasn't sure how to react to this. Giddiness, at first. Yay! We're having a big party! But then suspicion. Uh oh, we're having a big party. I only know 2 of my neighbors by name. Well, if "Fuzzy Head" counts as a name, since that's what we've been calling him for the 5 years we've lived here. Oh, and I do know the daughter's name of the other neighbor. She and her husband sometimes take all the kids bike riding around the 'hood. Does that count? And 2 years ago I talked with the woman who runs a home day care on the block. Okay, we're not exactly a close knit community. We know one another by sight, and we exchange pleasantries. Or head nods, same thing, right? Except for my neighbors to the west and their neighbors to the west, they kind of hate each other. And that's also the place that I suspect called the police about Ilio. Yeah, I don't want to share any pot luck with them.

BUT in the spirit of community and all, we're in. The day starts with yard sales at 10am (so, um, we're just going to barter our cast offs to one another?) then pot luck lunch at 2, and an extra large bounce house in the street until 6pm. Fingers crossed that a lovely time will be had by all.