Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

This is the ring that Isaiah keeps presenting me with, when he asks me to marry him. Lest he grow a bigger Oedipus complex, I kept explaining that I can't marry him because I'm married to Daddy. Today I gave in and said OK, I'll marry you. Then he patted my belly and told me I'm having a 3rd kid.
Now which one of us needs therapy more?!

My mom has gone completely insane. She vacillates between meanest woman alive, and sweet old grandma. One of my BFFs explained that her sister went through a sort of bi-polar existence when she was having chemo. That describes my mom perfectly right now. Friday, she spent the day berating me, calling my parenting into question, and in general just saying the meanest things she could. Then Saturday she calls me and she's a-ok. Today she calls me and repeats everything she said yesterday. When I told her this, she said she doesn't remember talking to me yesterday. Have I mentioned her propensity to self medicate? She's eating Valium like they're candy. Great.
On the major plus side, the doctor has her taking Prilosec for her stomach troubles, and when she complained some more, gave her something else for the 2 days after chemo, and she said she's feeling pretty good. I think it may have more to do with the fact that she spent the weekend with her brother and sister in law, and is having fun and not focusing so much on cancer, but instead on the things that are making her happy and making this fight worth it.

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