Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Chief

This is The Chief, otherwise known as my grandfather. He was in the Navy during WWII and the Korean war, hence the nickname. He has 4 biological children, but raised and loves my grandmother's other son just like the rest of his children. He worked in sheet metal and HVAC when he retired from the military.
Today, he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. His blood pressure suddenly plummeted. He's feeling fine now. But he looks so small in that hospital bed. They're running tests, and so far, everything is fine.

I've written about The Chief before, because he's one of my favorite people. He's truly and kind and gentle soul. He loves his family, he loves his country, and he loves his cat. He makes (bad) jokes, and he laughs a lot. In fact, he was making (bad) jokes at the hospital, too :)

Each time I visit my grandparents, I say I'm going to sit with him and review his extensive picture collection, put names to the faces, and scan them all. As I rushed over to the hospital I thought, "I should have spent more time with him when I had the chance!"

Now's the chance. And I'm not going to waste it.

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