Friday, March 19, 2010

The Ultimate Answer

What is the one question you can never know the answer to? You know, the biggie. Is there a God?
Last night I had a strange dream. There was a room that you could go into that would either confirm or deny the existence of God. No explanation of how it happened, or how people found out about it. Sorry, dream wasn't THAT detailed. The catch was that you could not change your belief or life or actions based upon the answer, and you couldn't tell anyone what you saw - or didn't see - in the room. The world was going crazy, debates sprung up all over about whether people really wanted to know. There were religious people who claimed they didn't need some side show oracle to tell them what they already knew. There were atheists who said that anything they saw in the room would be invalid. And sorry, for any non-Christians, this was the Catholic God model. I don't know what non-Christians were expected to see. Or not see. Or what. Some absolute truth? Any of the guys above?

My question, absolutely hypothetical, is whether you'd go into this magic room. If there WAS an answer, would you opt to find out?


Dawn said...

Nope, dont' think so. Not if I couln't change my beliefs based on it.

Deb said...

Oooh... good question. I'd go. I'm just too nosy not to go.

Anonymous said...

Ok. here's my question. why the hell are you not writting a short story or novel based on this dream?