Friday, February 5, 2010

You Know it's Friday When

Today I brought a gun to work. No, not a real one. It has little plastic bbs, they don't hurt, exactly, but they sting. It was a Valentine's Day gift from Hubs. In honor of the St Valentine's Day Massacre maybe? I dunno.
Anyway, my office gets pretty wild on Fridays. So we played with the gun earlier, threatening people, flashing it from waist bands, etc. Then I put it away and went back to doing what I get paid to do.
But there's one person here who has made a running joke about being afraid of me. Yeah, all 5 feet of me. Anyway, I waited until he walked in our office, and I shot him. Didn't say a word, just pulled out the gun and shot him in the chest. Well of COURSE he was startled and jumped, grabbed his chest and looked like he'd really been shot. Then I said, "I'll give you something to be scared of."

THEN I laughed until I was crying and gasping for air. Ah, most fun I've had all day.


Dawn said...

OMG, where the h*ll do you work? I would have pissed down both legs!

a3 said...

Next you should spread the rumor about yourself that you know voodoo, it's very effective. Glad you're having fun : )

Veronica Garcia said...

We have a computer room that's guarded by these 2 guys and nerf guns. :)