Monday, January 11, 2010

That Feeling

Do you ever just get that feeling, the one that tells you someone you have to deal with is going to be a colossal douche bag?
My Biology class is technically an environmental something or other class, and the instructor added a freakin chemistry book to the required materials. Why? Because he wrote it. Now, I tried to contact him to find out what book(s) were needed, because the bookstore didn't have it listed online. He didn't answer. The bookstore tried to contact him. No answer. WTF?
So we get an email today with the class syllabus, complete with spelling and spacing errors, that tells us twice there is no food allowed in class. Seriously? It's from 6-9pm - and he's not allowing any food? Lookee here, I work 9am (ish) - 6pm, using my lunch time to attend another class. Then I go to that class.... and all the while I'm not supposed to so much as open a granola bar?!
I get the feeling this guy is a total dick. This is not a happy feeling. I hope I'm wrong.

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Dawn said...

Eeeewww. He does NOT sound like fun or a teacher I would want. Good luck with that one.