Monday, January 18, 2010

It Only Takes a Moment

Isaiah told me something today that stopped my heart. He said, “You know that thing that was on my shield? I ate it. I didn’t know.”

I must have looked puzzled, I assumed he ate a toy, for crying out loud. Then I thought about his shield, and he’d had a box of mints on it, so I asked about those. He said, “No. It was medicine. I didn’t know.”

Cue heart racing panic.

Daimean chimes in, “Yeah, he ate a Rolaids. It was on the dining room table.”

Yesterday I pulled a few coins, and for some reason, a Rolaids chewable tablet, from my pocket and absentmindedly set them on the table, then wandered off and forgot. Of course, one single Rolaids isn’t going to hurt him, but it’s a hell of a reminder that medicine often looks and/or tastes like candy, and it only takes one second for a child to eat it.

Please excuse me while I try to get my heart rate back under 200, and take a moment to be thankful that it was only antacid that I’d been careless with, and not Tylenol, Mortin or Excedrine – any of which may be found in my pockets or bag on any given day.

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Dawn said...

The man got into my purse moments before my brother's wedding and managed to get the top off my antacid meds. Childproof cap. Started foaming at the mouth. My cousin gagged him. We went to get him some water and he tried to drink the champagne instead. Children are naturally heart-stoppers.