Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teen Sets Self On Fire To Imitate YouTube Clip

And his mother is busy blaming YouTube. WTF?! Seriously? Your kid has no common sense, so you blame someone else? Fab.
Makes me wonder what caused this great parenting shift. Back in the day, when you did something stupid, your parents punished your dumb ass. Then they had to suck it up and apologize to others for your behavior. But now, it seems that parents refuse to let their kids accept blame for stupidity and/or refuse to believe their kids ever do anything wrong. Why is this?! They stick up for their kids, and then we wonder why the kids won't ever accept responsibility for their actions. Duh! 'Cause mom and dad said it's not their fault - ever!
Kids who shoot other kids are suddenly "victims" instead of convicts. Kids who steal are "misguided". Kids who bully are defended.
Well I'm sick of it. When my children make poor decisions I expect them to learn from the experience. I refuse to shelter them from right and wrong simply because I love them - because that would really be doing them a terrible disservice. But you know what's bad about that? Sending my kids out in into a world full of "It's not my fault" people and trying to explain their behavior :(
My rant is done, I just needed to share that. *whew* I feel a little better now.


Jason said...

i saw this last night. She was also blaming the other kids involved too and was pissed the police wouldn't arrest the other kids. Why. Sure they dosed your kid in lighter fluid but her kid of his own free will on a dare (say no dumbass) lit the lighter.

Jason said...
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Dawn said...

Children and teens can watch what they want anymore thanks to the web. But it's still the parents' job to teach them right from wrong. The parent also needs to teach them what is just plain idiotic. And I think this particular mom failed in all of that. So she really needs to blame herself.