Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backstage, Underage...

When I was coming back to work from lunch, Bel Biv Devoe's "Do Me" was the last song I heard before leaving my car. It's always amazing to me how a single song can transport you to another time, make you remember a person or place that you haven't thought of in years. In 1990, I was in 7th grade. *sigh* Wait... what the HELL was I doing singing a song like that?!
Had a great time on Saturday jamming to old music with my friends. It's not often I find people who have the same odd tastes in music as yours truly. The only thing no one seems to dig (or at least admit to) is Elvis. I'm an Elvis girl. But Rob Zombie, Aaliyah, Adina Howard, My Chemical Romance, Shai, Linkin Park, Pink... those were just some of the music that rocked out a suburban kitchen this weekend, and we happily sang along like the old, lame parents that we are.
Blackstreet - that CD was too scratched to play :( I remember seeing them live, how the bass vibrated my ribcage and changed the rhythm of my heart to match the bass line.
I must now go and find their song, Don't Leave.

Put your lighters up (or your lighter apps, iphone users!) and go listen to some of your favorite music today :)


Dawn said...

Ha! I so understand where you are coming from! It amazes me the songs I listened to and when and wow.

dusty said...

ADINA HOWARD! thanks, that will be in my head forever now.
i have 10 of the MTV Party to Go Cd's. they are fucking great!
you also left out Montell Jordan, Coolio, and the guy that sung "Pony"

Jason said...

I've always stated music has to be the key to either a. Time Travel or b. some weird long forgotten magick.