Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jokes and Office Politics

Last night D did a stand up comedy routine on stage at the school's Talent Show. He was calm, poised and hilarious :) If you'll forgive the shaky camera thing, I'll post it later.

The job is going better. Although, a strange thing happened today. A woman came up and told me she owed me an apology.
Last week I was a bit petulant when asked to sort paperwork for a few reps. I said some shitty things, like "I can already staple the SHIT out of some paper. What I NEED is someone to take the time to explain the damn paper work."
Afterwards I heard that someone complained about me to management. Great way to start a new job, right? But then someone else had agreed with me and said so, and in the end, it amounted to nothing.
Anyway, the woman came up to me and said that she'd been too judgemental last week over the paperwork mess, she'd judged me and my response too harshly, and she was very sorry. That took some nerve, and so I told her it was okay, she's forgiven.
And do you know what? It never occurred to me that maybe *I* should have apologized to them for my less than stellar behavior and snarky comments. Hm, maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Then again, probably not. I've got a reputation to uphold, afterall.

Today is my grandpa's birthday, so I went to visit him with a card and a balloon. He's such a great guy, I just adore him. The look on his face when I told him I'm going back to school to be a history teacher was priceless. You see, my grandpa is all about history. Personal, country, world. He's my hero. He raised a family, including a child that wasn't his, but was never treated different for even a moment. A child with developmental delays and learning disabilities, who was always loved and supported. He defended this country over many years as a chief in the Navy. For me, his only grandchild, he always had a smile and a few bucks for ice cream - for me AND all my friends. He's got a great sense of humor, he's the most dependable human I know, AND he gives great hugs :)


Midwest Mommy said...

You are going to love teaching!

Veronica Garcia said...

I hope work is better for you now. I'm sure its just petty work stuff, just like any other office. :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Gramps!

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