Saturday, April 18, 2009

ADD, ICTS and other Acronyms

This is the second time I've attempted to take the ICTS practice test. The first time, I got through the instructions before the noise in the house made me give up. This time I answered 5 whole questions before realizing that I couldn't focus on the content due to small people doing things that small people do. Now, I'd like to totally blame this on the small people, I really would, but I know I can't. Simply stated, I have the attention span of a mosquito.
I've long known that my ADD is at odds with my OCD. (Yes, I took too many psychology classes, AND I read Psychology Today, so I can self diagnose with the best of 'em) Like yesterday, I suddenly decided I no longer liked the artificial acrylic covering my nails, so I spent 45 minutes tearing them from my fragile fingertips. Now I have tender nailbeds and really horrid looking nails, but no matter, because I've suddenly got to clean the ceiling fan.


Veronica Garcia said...

That is exactly why I will never get acrylic nails ever again..... I like my real ones too much. Even if they do look boyish. :)


Charmed said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have ADD and OCD. And I suffer from DDD in my lower back (degenerative disc disease). I work for a Telecom Co where we have probably 300 acronyms we work with daily...MOUS, CARS, CABS, ATT, IXC, BAN, OCN and so is never ending.

And I did the same thing last week with my acrylic nails. Ripped them all off and then went the very next day and new ones put on. My nail beds looked a meth addicts..I was so embarrassed.