Friday, March 6, 2009


That's how I feel. Blah. Bleh.
Got to wait until August to start school.
Got to wait for Hubs to get up to finish the bathroom tile.
Got to wait for the economy to shore up to get a job.
Got to replace the dead microwave.
Got to get the dogs rabies shots.
I'm feeling like everything is a big To Do list.

But I *am* going to see How to Be this weekend, and I have a dinner date tonight, and Daimean's doing a reading at family mass this weekend (don't start, I still hate organized religion, but they offer a much better school than the public ones that my tax dollars do) so okay, maybe I'm just feeling down.

*glances at calendar*

Nope. It's PMS. Ahhh, so that explains it! Guess I'll be back to normal in a few days then. Please, carry on with what you were doing prior to coming and getting engulfed in my whining.


Chris said...

You know I fealt like this the other day too and a friend of mine suggested PMS. Even though I don't have aunt flo visiting me anymore I still experience the hormonal sifts that cause the symptoms. Sucks but I guess I'm glad it's only the hormones and not the visitor.

Monique said...

Hey your whining is what we women are ENTITLED TOO! LMAO

I'm bitching at everyone and I'm a self-declared bitch and I'm going to whine and feel like this, but not daily....just when I can't handle all that estrogen! lol

Veronica Garcia said...

Continue with your whining. It allows you to vent and release anger. I'm all for it.

I, myself, was holding something in until I called one of my friend yesterday at lunch and vented. I felt so much better afterwards. *sighs*