Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Ode to Parenting, In 2 Acts

Act 1
Setting: Kids room, getting ready for bed
Time: Evening

Son: But I'm starving! I can't go to bed, I'm too hungry!
Mom: You already ate dinner and a snack. Get in bed. Now.
Son: But I didn't get to play with my toys! Or play Wii! Or take over Canada!
Mom grabs TV remote and switches to "Supernanny". Kids are transfixed.
Mom: You are not the boss here, mister. If you don't start following directions, I will have that mean fat lady come over here and whip you into shape. Now, do you want that?

Act 2
Setting: Kitchen, mom is making breakfast
Time: Mid-morning, today

Son: Hey mom, what do you think would make a good Saturday morning, pre-breakfast snack?
Mom: Sunday
Son: You think I should have a sundae before breakfast?!
Mom: No, sweetie. The day. It's Sunday.
Son: Wha... how...? Time is playing dirty tricks on me!


Dawn said...

Hah. Nice.

Veronica Garcia said...

HA!! Sundae! I love it.

Monique said...


Mean fat lady=monique324~!!