Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun With Old Pictures

Here's our life in a nutshell.... start at the bottom, sorry, I added the pics in backwards and I'm too lazy to do it again!

2nd baby, 2003

1st baby, 1998

10 minutes before getting married, 1998

HS graduation, 1996

Senior prom, 1996


Dawn said...

Those are SO cute! Love the 10 minutes before getting married one. Very classy.

And your family is freaking adorable.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I love seeing how families have grown.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your life. :-)

Colleen said... look so nervous in your wedding pic. Happy but nervous. :)

The pics of the babies are just precious...they look so tiny. Hard to believe they started that small when you see how big they've grown.

Veronica Garcia said...

oh my God!! Great pics!!! You know what the BEST part it all is????? The fact that you and Zeus have NOT aged ONE BIT!!!!! You guys look great!!!

Joe and Leanna said...

I love the pics going all the way back (or forward..however you look at