Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just Call Me Kathy Lee

Sometimes I feel bad that I air my kids' dirty laundry here online. But not bad enough to stop. At least I protect their little identities by not calling them out by name. That'll last until I forget, and then one day my older son will be mortified by this whole thing. Right now he sorta thinks it's cool that mom's got a blog and his picture ends up there. That's because I haven't let him sit down and read it.

Last night Golden Boy asked me if I hope they have a spring dance at school. I asked him why, and he said because if the rule book doesn't prohibit it, he'd like to ask a girl from a different school. He wants to ask a girl from his old school, who had transferred out a year before he did, but I've kind of kept in touch with her mom. What I wanted to do was say, "That's so cute! Of course you should ask her!" but what I did say was, "Make sure you have a back up plan, in case it's a dance for students only."
My thought here is that 4th grade boys probably aren't the most attentive dates out there, and he'd wander off with his friends and leave her all alone with a bunch of kids she doesn't know.

Today I've got Steve Burns' album, Songs for Dustmites, playing over and over. For those of you who aren't cool in the 3 - 5 age set, Steve used to host Blue's Clues, and has probably been the subject of many mom fantasies. The new host, Joe, is a certifiable douche bag. In fact, I don't like a lot of kids shows that feature grown up humans, it kind of creeps me out. The Upside Down Show being the exception, but I'm certainly not fantasizing about those guys.

For some reason, Blogger is refusing to check my spelling today. So if this comes off like a mental patient scrawled it on the wall with a dull crayon, now you know why.


Anonymous said...

Oh my I'm not the only one who can't speel Czeck. Sorry cant resist.
My daughter thinks its cute I blog, my son's annoyed he can't use the computer when mommy's writing

carrie said...

do 4th graders dance at these things? crazy

jenn said...

Did you see Steve's promo pick for his Indie rock band??? He looks like he should be on "to catch a predator". Joe is a douche, but at least I'm not worried about him violating his probation or anything.

Hey, I AM a mental patient that kant spel! Thanks a lot!