Friday, January 25, 2008

He's What?

Report cards came out yesterday. The pre-k classes have a new report card format, but the objectives are still mostly the same. They're graded on how often or well they perform tasks or certain social skills. Washes hands, is helpful, counts to 20, etc. The new one, that I saw this morning while I was reading it to my husband, was a little line that read:
Is reverent
I started laughing a big loud laugh. My husband said, "Reverent? He's The Belly!"

Methinks the next semester they should just change his name on file to The Irreverent Belly.

Golden Boy handed me his report card (which isn't even a card anymore, it's a legal sized sheet of paper, in triplicate) and said, "I'm ready to lose my video game privileges," I look at it, and the little nut case has As in Science, Social Studies, Spelling, Language Arts, a B+ in math, and a C in Spanish. Well I told him this is wonderful, he has nothing to be ashamed of, and I know he's been working hard in math with all the new concepts they've introduced. My only concern was Spanish. Porque? THE BOY SPEAKS SPANISH! Well, speaks it at a 4th grade level anyway!


Dan Mega said...

Genius. Your son is a genius.

Veronica Garcia said...

Those grades are GREAT!

Reverent? Is this coming from the same teacher you were complaining about not to long ago that didn't seem to know how to handle children????