Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hate Thy Neighbor

On Christmas Eve, all the stockings were hung, the cookies for Santa were placed lovingly on a plate, the children were in bed, and my dear husband and I just lay down to dream about sugar plums and such...

When the people across the street started their rip roaring party.

You see, there is only one apartment building on our block and it's directly across from our house. The second floor of that building is directly across from our bedroom windows. The tenants on the second floor were celebrating the birth of their savior with window shaking music, strobe lights and a disco ball. They've done this before, and we've called the police so many times they're probably tired of hearing from us. In Chicago, a police car isn't even sent out to answer calls about loud neighbors unless A) they're being loud during the commission of a class x felony or B) they're being loud next to a major campaign contributor's house. So I lay there on Christmas Eve hating my neighbors. If I thought I could throw a rock that far, I'd have chucked one right through their window. I bet the police would come then!

Christmas day came with no less than a bajillion dollars worth of presents under the tree. Apparently Santa is a techie this year, as there were all kinds of video games and gadgets, including my new digital picture frame. Fancy! The Nintendo Wii made the kids squeal like stuck pigs. Whee! The little hula girl dashboard bobble made my husband happy. Hooray! DH made a Christmas dinner fit for a queen - turkey, apple cranberry stuffing, roasted root veggies and the piece de resistance... frozen peanut butter cup pie. He made it all from scratch, including the oatmeal raisin gingerbread cookies we set out for Santa. Told you he's a great guy :)

And now there's a pile of trash, bags, boxes, molded plastic things, 400,000 twist ties that held toys, wrapping paper and other holiday paraphernalia that I'm afraid it will cause an avalanche if we don't get rid of it this very moment.

With the gift card I received from DH, I think I'll go buy a paintball gun. Next time my neighbors start their partying at 2am......


carrie said...

OH man. I had to clean up everything that second because of the baby in the house this year. It sucked to say the least. But two days later I'm sitting in a clean house so maybe I should reconsider my procrastination on all things clean.

And if you open fire on some neighbors, I totally want to help. Not that I have such a problem here, but I have a feeling you would be a good war partner.

Dead Tree Studios said...

This year I must have been bad. Santa brought me the stomach flu. Yuck.

So you have a Wii as well? Damn, I may have to get mine hooked up to the net so I can play against you guys some time.