Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bad Shower!

Well, New Year's Eve didn't come without pain. Didn't I say it was all downhill??

Was trapped in a car with my cranky mother for about 2 hours.

Belly fell down in the shower, resulting in quite a nose bleed and tears aplenty. DH got some ice and that stopped it, but not before Belly proclaimed the shower to be "bad" and told it that it will get one more chance to be nice. Afterward, he decided he wasn't getting back in there because the shower was trying to beat him up. I think he still has soap in his hair.

Later, as we were partying hard with our sparkling grape juice, Golden Boy thought it would be funny to dump confetti down everyone's pants. When we did it back to him he bucked like a bronco and smashed his face into a table. More tears. Many more tears.

However, right now the kids are falling asleep and all is well with the world. They're happy, so we're happy. Hope you're happy, too.


carrie said...

poor guys! Sounds like my house. It's all fun and games till someone gets an eye poked out, right?

We partied hard with cream soda and Digiorno pizza. Good times.

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Happy New Year my new friend! Sounds like a rough one. We were dealing with croup and the Carlos decided to "cough til he vomited" to ring in the new year. Our boys sure know how to have fun!

Midwest Mommy said...

Happy New Year! I guess the year really ended with a bang in your household unfortunately. Hope he is recovering.

Rick said...

What a celebration - next year add a trip to the emergency room.

I'm visiting all those who have posted before and I'm inviting them over to my blog for a little giveaway that I am having. No gimicks, just a way to celebrate one year of blogging.


Monique said...

LMFAO! Belly always manages to say the darndes things

Veronica Garcia said...

OMG LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!