Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun with ipod Shuffle

This is what's played so far this morning:

Sheila E - Glamorous Life (wait while I tease my hair)

Grease Soundtrack - Title track

Coal Chamber - Dreamland (morning music)

Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl

Elvis - Surrender (off the 30 #1 Hits of course)

Tool - Ticks & Leeches (Who doesn't love Maynard?)

Ashford & Simpson - Solid (..... as a rock!)

Vapors - Turning Japanese (My Golden Boy loves this song)

Atmosphere - Free or Dead (sing it, Slug)

Interpol - Rest My Chemistry (how did this even get in here?)

Scott Weiland - Where's the Man? (Scott's my dad.... long story)

Cold - Send in the Clowns (Whatever happened to Scooter?)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang (rock on)

George Michael - Careless Whisper (Stop acting like you don't know that song)

Norah Jones - I've Got to See You Again (I love Norah)

Now playing: 2pac - Holla if Ya Hear Me (Tupac was spotted at a KFC is Tacoma last week)


Dead Tree Studios said...

Did TuPac become the the Elvis of this generation?

(I mean by number of sighting AFTER his death, not about record sales, etc..)

Momma T. said...

Woman your music selection's are as ADD as mine :) & you made me want KFC ! Though no good for me ass!